Fumigation Services


Horn Technologies & Services offers pure phosphine fumigation services utilizing the Horn Diluphos System or HDS, the only technology available for blending pure phosphine directly with air. Horn Technologies & Services count with highly trained and qualified personnel to perform the fumigation services on a safe and efficient way, which in conjunction with the use of the Horn Diluphos System, allow the company to deliver a high quality and safety standard in the fumigation of a wide variety of products. Horn Technologies & Services count with mobile fumigation units to perform the pure phosphine fumigation processes in our customer´s facilities Horn Technologies & Services count with all required equipments and infrastructure to offer an integral fumigation service, including traceability of all fumigation processes through the use of real-time electronic phosphine monitors, allowing to monitor concentrations on site and also on a web based platform the fumigation process. Our monitoring system has been validated by authorities in different countries as a traceability method for the fumigation activities. The permanent focus on offering a high quality service to our customers has lead to the development of complementary technologies and fumigation procedures such as the Low temperature fresh fruit fumigation (patented) devices for standard container fumigation (JP System) and technologies for fumigation of corrosion sensitive facilities.



Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is Phosphine or VAPORPH3OS?

It is a colorless gas, which is toxic to insects. Phosphine today is the most widely used fumigant worldwide for control of insects in agricultural stored products.

Pure phosphine comes in high pressure steel cylinders with 22 kilograms of net content.

Product composition is: Hydrogen Phosphide 97 % p/p and Inert Gasses 3 % p/p

VAPORPH3OS can only be used with the Horn Diluphos System(R)


 2) What pest can be controlled using VAPORPH3OS?

  • Insects:
Almond Moth Bees Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
Asian Citrus Psyllid Spider Beetles Carob Moth
Thrips (e.g., Western flower) Warehouse Beetle Cigarette Beetle
Cadelle Angoumois Grain Moth Dermestid Beetle
Carpet Beetle Bean Weevil Eulia
Codling Moth California Red Scale Flat Grain Beetle
Dried Fruit Beetle Cereal Leaf Beetle Fuller Rose Beetle
European Grain Moth Dried Fruit Moth Grape Mealybug
Fruit Flies European Grapevine Moth Hessian Fly
Fruit Tree Weevil Granary Weevil Leafminer
Greater Wax Moth Hairy Fungus Beetle Maelybugs
Khapra Beetle Indian Meal Moth Navel Orangeworm
Lesser Grain Borer Maize Weevil Raisin Moth
Mediterranean Flour Moth Mites Rusty Grain Beetle
Pea Weevil Pink Bollworm Yellow Meal Worm
Red Flour Beetle Rice Weevil Light Brown Apple Moth
Saw-toothed Grain Beetle Confused Flour Beetle Tobacco Moth
  • Rodents and other vertebrate pest.
  • Wood pest


3) What type of product can be fumigated?

This fumigation is used to protect

  • Flour and other processed foods
  • Animal feed and feed ingredients
  • Tobacco and other non-food items
  • Raw agriculture commodities

  Fresh Commodities

Alfalfa Avocado Banana
Cabbage, Chinese Citrus Dill
Eggplant Endive Grapefruit
Kumquat Legume Vegetables Lemon
Lettuce Lime Mango
Okra Orange Papaya
Pepper Persimmon Pimento
Salsify Tops Sweet potato Tangelo
Tangerine Tomato

Raw Commodities

Almonds Barley Brazil Nuts
Cashews Cocoa Beans Coffee Beans
Corn Cottonseed Dates
Filberts Flower Seed Grass Seed
Legume Vegetables Millet Oats
Peanuts Pecans Pistachio Nuts
Popcorn Rice Rye
Safflower Seed Sesame Seeds Sorghum
Soybeans Sunflower Seeds Triticale Triticale
Vegetable Seeds Walnuts Wheat

 6) How it is applied?

It can be applied by The Horn Diluphos System(R), patent protected by Fosfoquim, that allows the direct dilution of pure phosphine with air through an automated process in a safe way, delivering a mixture of air and phosphine at a known concentration with enough pressure to be distributed on virtually any facility or product to be fumigated.

 7) Where can it be applied?

There are many types of storage that can be used to do this fumigation:

  • Bins and silos
  • Warehouses
  • Tarps and bunkers
  • Railcars, ship-holds, sea containers and trailers
  • Mills and food processing plants
  • CA chambers and fumigation chambers

Note: And there is no storage size limitation.

8) Which are the benefits of Vaporph3os compared to traditional fumigants?

  • Non flammable after mixture with air
  • Easy application and control
  • Enhanced worker safety
  • No waste generated or to disposal
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost-effective