Phosphine Monitor

oooThe CertiPH3os phosphine monitor is an electronic real-time monitoring equipment which operate on the principle of infrared–spectrometry.

The CertiPH3os phosphine monitor is equipped with three gas sampling inlets which may be controlled automatically by the equipment software or by an external control unit. The unit also send alarms through relays with two configurable alarm leves per monitoring inlet zone.

The CertiPH3os features a built-in diaphragm pump with the capacity to sample lines up to 360 feet long.

The concentration values measured can be recorded on a USB memory stick for a long period and can be used for evaluation and filing outside the analyzer.

An optional GSM modem (built in the analyzer) can transmit these values to a database located on the website, from where remote monitoring of the fumigation is possible as well as data export to a local PC and SMS or email notification in case of alarm state or equipment failure. The privacy of the data is secured through personal login and password.