HDS Equipment

Phosphine Fumigation Equipment

The Horn Diluphos System is a revolutionary equipment development and patented for FOSFOQUIM S.A. for stored product fumigations in closed spaces, silos, warehouses, sheds, cold storage chambers and adapted reefers containers. This innovative equipment dilutes pure cylindered Phosphine directly with air in a completely safe way.

The safety and simplicity of the operation as well as its efficiency makes this equipment a necessary tool for the future fumigator.

HDS 30

  • Air flow: 28 m3/hr
  • Concentration PH3: 0-10,000 ppm
  • PH3 Flow: 1-6 gr/min
  • Power: 110-1 VAC, 6 Amp. 60 Hz
  • size: 70(L)*50(W)*30(H)

HDS 80:

  • Air flow: 80 m3/hr
  • Concentration PH3: 0-10,000 ppm
  • PH3 Flow: 19 gr/min
  • Power: 208-1 VAC, 6 Amp. 60 Hz
  • size: 91(L)*75(W)*94(H)

HDS 200:

  • Air flow: 200 m3/hr
  • Concentration PH3: 0-10,000 ppm
  • PH3 Flow: 47 gr/min
  • Power: 208-3 VAC, 7 Amp. 60 Hz
  • size: 91(L)*75(W)*94(H)

HDS 800:

  • Air flow: 800 m3/hr
  • Concentration PH3: 0-10,000 ppm
  • PH3 Flow: 190 gr/min
  • Power: 460-3 VAC, 26 Amp. 60 Hz
  • size: 135(L)*106(W)*165(H)

Leasing Options

Horn Technologies and Services is offering leasing options to our customers. Resulting in an economic solution and financing options to ensure that your business continues to run at optimal efficiency and productivity. All our newest HDS instruments meet system design and manufacturing quality standards. And each comes with the Horn Technologies Guarantee.

Horn Technologies Guarantee

We guarantee you at least 10 years of equipment use, from the date of lease, or we will credit you with the residual value of that system when you upgrade to a replacement model. We stand behind our systems to maximize your return on investment.

Why Lease an HDS?

  • Utilize this novel technology now while paying for it over time.
  • Affordable monthly payment options.
  • Reduce operating cost.
  • Guarantee service and replacement.
  • Test new markets.
  • Easily budget your revenue and capital gain.
  • A quick return on investment.

Leasing Allows you to pay a small amount monthly or quarterly, and receive a new HDS unit when you make the last payment if you wish to continue with a new lease agreement. You can even afford to add one of three maintenance plans (platinum, gold, and silver) to improve productivity, budgeting, and safety.

Lease Features

  • 5- and 10- year leasing terms; other terms are available.
  • Low monthly or quarterly payments.
  • The flexibility to bundle maintenance packages into one economic package.
  • Financing options.

We are committed in helping you transition to the latest technology that we have to offer by maximizing your resources and getting the most out of your post-harvest equipment budget. Horn Technologies offers a variety of financing options. We offer traditional payment plans with monthly, quarterly or annual payments or a customized solution. You have the flexibility to increase payments during your high season and tone down during the slow season or we can customize a payment plan to fit your needs. Please contact us for more information.