Phosphine Fumigation

Our patented Horn Diluphos System (HDS) (US Patent # US7163161B2) revolutionized the fresh fruit and vegetable industries.

Our technology allows fumigators to use pure phosphine without causing phytotoxicity to your goods as opposed to reaction driven phosphine generators that are currently available in the market. Thus the fresh fruit and vegetable industries have another tool to use during postharvest to protect their commodity and reach exporting markets. We have developed, perfected, and patented a postharvest fresh fruit and vegetable fumigation process (US Patent #: US20050265892A1) to utilize any derivative of phosphine including VAPORPH3OS and ECO2 FUME.

Horn Technologies and Services provides an unparalleled postharvest fumigation services to our customers by:

  • Mobile Service – Our mobile service is equipped with all the hardware needed to conduct a fumigation at any location with a very small footprint. All our Fumigators are QAL holders, trained to transport and handle phosphine, and trained to operate the HDS. 
  • Continuous Monitoring – Our monitor operates on the principle of Infrared Optoacoustic. This accounts for a highly reliable analytical instrument to detect phosphine concentration levels during the fumigation exposure period. This concentration readings overtime is transcribed as a C x T certificate vital for proving that the commodity meets the phytosanitary standards of the exporting market. 
  • USDA-APHIS Certified Reefers – We offer new reefers to our customers at an unbeatable price customized to meet your fumigation needs. In addition, we also take care of the USDA-APHIS certification application process. The certification of a reefer is vital when exporting your commodity because 1) It is a requirement set forth by the country receiving the commodity. 2) It gives you peace of mind that your goods will meet phytosanitary standards.

From start to finish Horn Technologies and Services is there every step of the way to guarantee the fumigation treatment is successful thru an on demand mobile service, poof of phytosanitary treatment, and a certified chamber to let you tend to your business.